Fotodoks Festival Munich 2017

Thanks for the great festival program

2017/10/23 by Britta Baumann


©Joseph C Neri
Good time with Mark Steinmetz at Fotodoks

His current exhibition at AMERIKAHAUS




Check out his inspiring work here
Website Mark Steinmetz

The Festival

"Fotodoks is an international and ambitious festival that reflects and discusses contemporary documentary photography in a lively and personal atmosphere.

Made by photographers for photographers, Fotodoks as an independent festival focuses on the documentary and social-critical power of photography and, irrespective of the regulations of the print media and the art business, asks openly about the motivation of photographers, their production conditions and the interests of clients and consumers.

Focusing on a different theme and partner region for each edition, Fotodoks perceives itself as an independent forum, which takes place in Munich every second year and has established itself since 2008 as the largest festival for documentary photography in the German-speaking world."

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