TABULA RASA tells a cross-generational story of a woman, about the different roles she has taken on in the course of her life. It is about crossing psychological and physical boundaries and breaking with normative social rules and stigmas. On the one hand, it is a reflection on the socially shaped ideal image of a woman and mother, and on the other hand, it is an attempt to a retrospective approach to a mother who, due to early childhood separation from the artist, was neither emotionally nor physically present during her lifetime. This essay combines fragmentary found footage material of the family archive, collages and diary excerpts. It includes new photographic works with images of the hometown and  together with staged still lifes, it creates symbolic visual worlds. Tabula Rasa serves not only as a personal examination of identity, motherhood, and the process of coping with grief, but also as a contemporary German document of society as a whole.

KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO 2023 Shortlist Category Conceptual

FORMAT23 Int. Photography Festival Derby UK  Selected Photobook 

STAR Photobook Dummy Award Nomination, 2022

OFF Bratislava Shortlisted OFF LIBRIS, 2022


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